Welcome to Foyle Valley Athletics Club

Foyle Valley Athletics is a running club catering for runners of all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner, an improver or are looking to compete across a wide range of distances, you will find like-minded people to run with here.

We meet regularly for club training sessions covering training runs, track sessions, technique improvement, Yoga for runners and much more.

Boasting 170+ members, with weekly training runs regularly seeing 40 members in attendance, there is a great opportunity to meet like minded runners of all abilities.

Our Club Committee oversee the smooth running of the club, and support its members through their training, competing and socialising.

Aims of the Club

  • To encourage members of all abilities to enjoy and to have fun through running.
  • To promote the health and fitness of members through running.
  • To provide social activities for members of the Club.
  • To promote Amateur Athletics.

There are a number of reasons that we believe make Foyle Valley stand out as a running club:

  • Our approach is to provide training opportunities at all levels, from beginners to competitive runners – our club members are not defined by their performance. You can review our training schedule overview and look at our different training groups to see how we fit to individual experience and needs.
  • We have our own races during the summer/autumn months and take part in races throughout the country at various levels. For more details see our competition pages.
  • The social aspect is very important to us. Our Committee organises a number of events throughout the year.
  • The club is multi-cultural and multi-ability and therefore provides opportunities to make interesting friendships and widen your running experiences.

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