Club Training

We run multiple training sessions each week, providing training runs of different lengths and difficulties to suit our varied member base.

Our St Columbs Park meeting is on Wednesdays and Saturdays where we typically run throughout the Park & the surrounding areas.

Our Templemore meeting is on Tuesday and Thursday where we typically run throughout the pavements within the City.

Our sessions are generally targeted towards structured training, such as hill & track sessions and interval & reps.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, a group sets off on a long run to provide distance training to members.

We also provide training beyond running such as Yoga classes for runners, and lots of useful tips to help you improve.

See below for all of the times and locations!

Senior Training

Days: Wednesdays

Times: 6pm 

Location: St Columb’s Park Carpark (Foyle Arena)

Days: Saturday

Times: 930am

Location: St Columb’s Park Carpark (Foyle Arena)

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Times: 530pm

Location: Templemore Sports Complex

Days: Saturday (Long, Slow Distance)

Times: 8am

Location: Carpark at Dunelm, by the charity bins

You are more than welcome to join in with any of our runs or training sessions, to do so please attend any of the above venues  at the training times. Should you wish to speak to anyone before attending a session please contact our Club Secretary, Denise Doherty by email –

You can also submit your request on our Contact Us page.